Who could’ve done this?!

I set up this photo booth of sorts at last week’s Book Launch. The freakiest image is Becky as Becky up there at the top. In December I am hoping to try making masks!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the book launch at YYZ. I had a capital evening. So many of the people I love most in this world all gathered in the same room. Some of you met each other for the first time! One of my very best friends from high school, whom I haven’t seen in about 15 years, was there! And I was introduced to quite a few new folks including one bonafide Jedi. Not too shabby.

I’m so happy to report that Conundrum Press is bustin out a paperback version of UNSPENT LOVE!

YYZ is holding a launch to celebrate it on NOV 11 (11 11 11— make a wish!)

I’ll also be showing the animated results of the wall piece at YYZ, for one night only.

And it’s a sushi party!

Read the new affordable version of my book!
See an animated wall!
Use chopsticks!
Laugh your head off!
Find true love! (And spend it all. Just go for it. Don’t hold anything in reserve for your recovery. Love like crazy.)

7-10 PM
401 Richmond Street West, Suite 140

More info on Conundrum’s website:

and on mine:

If you’re one of them on FB, the invite is here:

I didn’t quite finish this animation because I ran out of paste and time. But I am happy with the new experiment of adding white paper in some of the frames to imply movement and erasure. This time around I also dramatically increased the number of frames, so the motion is more fluid. The wall also has a very appealing dimensionality to it now, feeling and looking like a fungal growth where the figures overlap 80 times. I will continue this sequence later in the week.

Thanks to Simon Glass for much needed assistance and instruction about my camera settings, and to James who helped me build this movie (again) from my photos.

Slowly adding new animations to the wall at YYZ. James helped me so much, even though he was mad about his stupid jerk neighbours being stupid jerks the whole time. Why are there stupid jerks everywhere? Anyway, these birds look pretty good and maybe I will have them poop on the roof of the house of the jerks in the next sequence.

UNSPENT LOVE has been generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council!

Art Sync Documentary on Women in Comics

I talk a little bit about Unspent Love, and working in general, in this short Art Sync documentary, Women In Comics.

Second animation, pre-paste draft. Click the image to open it in a new window and it should animate. My computer adds each frame very slowly, then the animation plays. Am I making my GIFs wrong?

Grr. No matter what I do, the animation below looks awkward. I think the drawings are just not fluid enough. Above are two frames that really didn’t work in the sequence, but still look nice. Pretty nice, for casualties.